Herzing University is a private university with its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and several locations throughout the United States. The university offers degrees in professions including nursing, technology, business, and healthcare.

Students have the option to attend one of the 9 ground campuses in seven U.S. states or earn their degree fully online. Students can also take some online classes while taking other classes at one of the ground campuses.

Herzing's educational programs include fields of study in nursing, healthcare, technology, business, legal studies, and public safety. Degree options available at Herzing University include Certificates, Diplomas, Associate of Science degrees, Bachelor of Science degrees, and master's degrees. Degree options vary based on campus location.

Available Course, Tuition Fees, and Entry Requirements:

Graduate Courses

MBA in Data Analytics/MBA in Healthcare Management/MBA in Technology Management/MBA in Project Management

Duration: 2 years


Tuition fee: $ 16280 (per year)

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Duration: 4 years, MOI/IELTS 5.5/ DUOLINGO 95/iTEP 3.7

Tuition fee: $ 17030 (per year)

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Duration: 4 years, MOI/IELTS 5.5/ DUOLINGO 95/iTEP 3.7

Tuition fee: $ 16280 (per year)


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